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Málaga Fair (or Feria de Málaga) is one of the most exciting events of the summer and is loved by both locals and visitors alike. Each year this giant week-long street party, known as the Semana Grande, attracts an incredible two million visitors. It’s a great time to visit our resorts in the Costa del Sol and be swept up in a celebration of music, lights, fireworks – and plenty of bright flamenco costumes, foot-stomping and finger-clicking dancing and other revelries! If you’re travelling to CLC World Costa del Sol for the first time on a CLC free holiday accommodation package, be aware: once you attend the festival for the first time, you’ll want to come back for more next year!

When is the Málaga Fair?

This year, the Feria de Málaga will be held from Saturday 11th August until Saturday 18th August, so there’s plenty of time to join in and soak up as much of the festive atmosphere as possible during your holiday to CLC World Costa del Sol.

What is the History of the Fair?

Málaga’s event of the summer has its roots in the 1487 defeat of the Moors and the incorporation of the city into the Kingdom of Castile by the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella.The first procession was held four years later, in August 1491, to commemorate the event.

Where is the Fair Held?

The Málaga Fair actually has two distinct locations – one for the daytime celebrations and another for the evening festivities. For the Day Fair, visitors from around the globe descend on Málaga’s old town to immerse themselves in the street party atmosphere, enjoying local food and wine and dancing to live folk music. The night fair is held at Cortijo de Torres and features a large, bustling fairground full of rides and horse-drawn carriages as well as food and drink stalls and live music. Both sites are suitable for all ages, with rides at the night fair catering for young children as well as adults.

Highlights of the Week

The inauguration of the fair on the first Saturday of the celebrations is a grand event marked by fireworks, traditional equestrian shows and live concerts from DJs and local Spanish bands. If previous years are anything to go by, it’s guaranteed to be a night (and day!) to remember this year. The excitement continues throughout the week, so make sure to pick up a program and plan your movements.

The fair culminates on the last Saturday with an extravagant historical parade which represents the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs into the city. Drinking and dancing continue long into the evening, so pack your most comfortable footwear and see where the night takes you.