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Did you know that around 22% of the world’s land surface is covered by mountains? Not only that, mountains are home to almost a billion people and provide water, food and energy to billions more. To celebrate International Mountain Day (11th December), we’re going to take a look at some of the mountains near our CLC World resorts.

Alpine Acclaim

Mountain tourism attracts more than 15% of global tourism, so it makes sense that many of the CLC World resorts can be found in close proximity to mountains. Guests at CLC Alpine Centre benefit from the mountains in many ways:

  • The Alps provide a beautiful backdrop to the resort
  • They offer a huge range of activities all year-round
  • There are beautiful cave systems to explore within the mountains
  • Fresh mountain air is good for your health
  • The cows that graze the slopes during the summer months provide milk for the fabulous Austrian mountain cheese

And that’s not all. With CLC Alpine Centre offering traditional experiences, you can get a true taste of rural Alpine life.

Crowns and Seats

Mountains are essential to human-life but they are under threat from a variety of factors, not least climate change. For the first time in 11 years, Ben Nevis was frost free this summer and lost its snowy crown due to Scotland experiencing its third warmest winter since 1910.

However, Britain’s highest mountain – around 100 miles from CLC Duchally Country Estate – is likely to have its white cap back when winter sets in. A little closer to Duchally is Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. Whilst technically not a mountain, Arthur’s Seat offers incredible views of the city of Edinburgh below it. Myth surrounds the peak with it being mentioned as one of the possible locations of Camelot.

Situated as it is at the Gateway to the Highlands, CLC Duchally Country Estate offers guests the chance to explore mountains big and small from its splendid location.

Spanish mountains erupt with life

From Tenerife’s dormant volcano, Mount Teide, to the majestic Sierra Nevada range in Granada, Spain’s mountains offer a range of activities and wildlife within easy reach of CLC World’s resorts on Tenerife and the Costa del Sol.

Mount Teide provides the backdrop to CLC Sunningdale Village on Tenerife and excursions to the volcano are a great opportunity for nature lovers to discover the mountain’s eco-system. With 20,000 hectares, Teide National Park is a refuge for endemic reptiles like the Tenerife gecko and Tenerife lizard. Bats are the only native mammals, while the bird life comprises around 24 species including wild canaries and kestrels. There’s also a fantastic night excursion to enjoy a star-filled sky.

The Sierra Nevada is Andalucia’s premier ski resort and the most southerly in Europe. Skiing and tobogganing are the winter sports while summer activities include horse-riding, hiking and mountain-climbing. Whilst traversing the mountain slopes you are quite likely to come across the Spanish ibex who will bound sure-footedly ahead of you, while shadows cast upon the rock face could be from either a Golden or Bonelli’s Eagle.

Whether you choose the mainland or island life, Spanish mountains provide plenty to see and do.

For more information on International Mountain Day, check out the official site here, and celebrate the magnificence and diversity of the world’s mountains.