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Each year on 17th March, Ireland and Irish expatriate populations around the world pay tribute to the patron saint of their home nation – Saint Patrick. Because of the tendency of the Irish to travel, explore and settle in other countries around Europe and across the globe, St Patrick’s Day has become an occasion for celebration far beyond the borders of Ireland.

One place where this festive day is honoured with great revelry annually, is the sun-kissed Costa del Sol region of Spain, where the weather at that time of year usually averages a balmy 20 degrees. Perhaps in part to take advantage of the mild temperatures, white sandy beaches and amazing collection of CLC World resorts on the Costa del Sol, visitors flock to this jewel-like spot each year – from Ireland, all over Europe and, indeed, from every corner of the planet – to participate in the local St Patrick’s Day festivities.

In fact, all up and down this glorious coastline – which sits in Malaga province, nestled amidst the glorious landscape of south-eastern Spain – on every St Patrick’s Day, you’ll find throngs of revellers joining in a wide range of fun-filled activities, designed to commemorate the life and accomplishments of Ireland’s beloved patron saint.

Best of all, when you head to these shores lapped by the Mediterranean Sea, to take part in the St Patrick’s Day merrymaking – you’ll have the ideal base from which to enjoy all that this occasion has to offer – one of our splendid CLC World Costa del Sol resorts. All of our CLC World resorts on the Costa del Sol deliver a wide array of first-rate features and amenities, such as luxurious accommodation, sparkling swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, pampering spas and a wide choice of delicious dining options. Plus, parents can rest assured that their young ones will be well taken care of and having fun in our well-regarded teen and kids clubs.

Now that you’ve figured out where to stay, here are some of the highlights of the St Patrick’s Day festivities that you can expect to discover on the Costa del Sol.

Parade and Party in Benalmadena

Paloma Park, Benalmadena

Each year in the middle of March, a crowd of about a thousand mostly green-clad people descends on the Andalucian waterfront town of Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol, in order to take part in its St Patrick’s Day festivities. This well-attended event is traditionally arranged by the Irish Association of Spain, an expat foundation established in the late 1990’s to support Irish nationals who have emigrated to this area, as well as those who come here on holiday or to visit for other purposes.

Benalmadena’s St Patrick Day celebration kicks off with a mass at Inmaculada Concepcíon, the parish church in Arroyo de Miel. After that, attendees of the mass join in with a parade and joyously process towards the fairground in Paloma Park.

The gathering at Paloma Park resembles a thronging emerald sea of people, with many kitted out in jade and kelly green wigs, hats and t-shirts. Before too long, the party moves into full swing in the bright Spanish sunshine, with everyone enjoying the fun-filled St Paddy’s Day offerings, including Celtic dancing performances, live music, authentic Irish food and copious amounts of Guinness.

For those who enjoy a good St Patrick’s Day party, the festivities at Benalmadena – which is less than a half-hour’s drive from CLC World’s resorts on the Costa del Sol – might just be too good to pass up.

Other St Paddy’s Day Tributes on the Costa del Sol


Not to be completely outdone, other cities and towns on the Costa del Sol, and throughout Malaga province, also put on Irish-themed St Patrick’s Day events. For instance, the beachside towns of Torremolinos and Marbella have recently hosted their own Shamrock-tinted St Paddy’s Day celebrations, complete with green light displays, Irish folklore entertainments and plenty of food and drink from the emerald isle.

Even Malaga, the enchanting and elegant city at the heart of the Costa del Sol, gets in on the act by illuminating the distinctive Arch of Marbella monument in green. And for those who feel that no St Patrick’s Day revelry would be complete without a visit to at least one or two genuine Irish pubs, head over to Fuengirola, where you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to Irish public houses, with Pogs Old Irish and O’Reilly’s reputedly being two perennial favourites.

No matter where you venture across the region, or how you choose to honour St Patrick on his feast day, you’ll be able to do so easily from the plush environs of your home-away-from-home in southern Spain, one of our CLC World resorts on the Costa del Sol.