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The 2nd March 2017 is the 20th World Book Day in the UK. It´s a great time to indulge in a love of books and to introduce children and teenagers (though there´s no age limit to reading!) to the joy of a good book. We have some great ideas for World Book Day below.

Buy a World Book Day Book

If you, or your child, were lucky enough to get a £1National Book Token then you can swap it for one of the World Book Day books. Or you could use the voucher to get £1 from a full-priced book.

Details of the 10 new and exclusive to World Book Day books can be found at

Make your own book or comic

Give your own talent and skills a chance to shine! Create your own book or comic. Fold a piece of paper in half, you now have a front cover, 2 inside pages and a back cover.

Then you can design a front cover and fill the inside with a great story! You could write an adventure about your holidays at CLC World resorts.

Dress up as your favourite book character

Whether it’s Harry Potter, Where´s Wally or Peppa Pig, why not have fun and dress as your favourite book character? There are lots of great costume ideas on the World Book Day website.

Got a red and black striped jumper? You could be Dennis the Menace. Or make a pirate´s hat and sword and you could be Horrid Henry. It´s great being someone else for a day!