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A gemlike region nestled in Malaga province in the South of Spain, the Costa del Sol has long been a dream destination for those looking to escape grey days in search of sunny skies and gorgeous coastal scenery. With temperatures that range from the teens in January to the high 20s in July and August, the Costa del Sol promises a year-round respite from the chill and clouds that too often prevail back home.

And, when heading to these Mediterranean shores – replete with picturesque white villages, sandy beaches, lively nightlife options and family-friendly attractions – there should be no doubt about where to stay on the Costa del Sol. Indeed, with our superb collection of CLC World Costa del Sol resorts near Malaga, you’ll be spoiled for choice when deciding on where to make your next home-away-from home in Southern Spain.

Once you’ve settled on where to stay on the Costa del Sol, the only thing left to choose is when would be the best time for you to plan your visit to this glorious region. Here are just some of the highlights of each season in the South of Spain.

Refreshing Springtime

During the spring months of March through May — known as “mid season” in Malaga province – temperatures hover in the realm of 20 degrees and most days feature ample sunlight beaming from cloudless blue skies. While previewing the heat and increased energy levels that the fast-approaching summer will herald, springtime on the Costa del Sol lets you take in its natural wonders and unique Spanish flavour in a mellower vibe.

Restaurants and shops are beginning to open after their winter hiatus, meaning it’s easier to get a table and a good bargain can still be had. Sunbathing spots are easier to find on emptier beaches, even though the sun’s rays are gearing up quite nicely.

So, if getting in before the rush is something that tickles your fancy and you’re happy to be one of the first to experience the emergence of this region from its hibernation, then you’re in for a treat. You’ll be able to experience a laid-back semi-tropical haven, where crowds are practically non-existent and sunbathing is the most strenuous activity on the menu. If that prospect sounds at all intriguing, then spring is the exact moment for you to book a holiday resort near Malaga and descend on the sparsely occupied beaches of the Costa del Sol.

Scintillating, Sun-Drenched Summer

Widely renowned as the “high season” on the Costa del Sol, the months of June, July and August promise plenty of sunshine, loads of diverting attractions and a virtually uninterrupted procession of balmy days and nights. This is the time of year when the mercury traditionally hits its highest peaks on the thermometer, creating great demand for functioning air conditioners and transforming sun loungers into precious commodities.

For those who love nothing more than swimming in sun-kissed seas, savouring local fare and vintages in buzzing tapas bars and dancing the night away in throbbing clubs – this is certainly the ideal time for you to check out the Costa del Sol. If you’re unconcerned by throngs of fellow merrymakers and thrilled to be at the centre of it all, then you’ll absolutely thrive in the South of Spain at summertime.

Glowing Autumn

After the energy and excitement of the high season in Malaga province, September, October and November give holidaymakers on the Costa del Sol a calmer, yet still magical set of possibilities to appreciate. All of these autumn months – and especially September with its proximity to the climactic heights of summer – hold a strong appeal to those visitors who still long to bathe in the Spanish sunlight and partake of all the area’s delights, but prefer to do so in a slightly less busy and marginally less expensive environment.

During this period, you can fully immerse yourself in every coveted aspect that makes the Costa del Sol such a beloved destination – from its breathtaking natural vistas and beachside revelry to its delicious cuisine and enchanting culture – yet in a more laid-back atmosphere. So, head to the Costa del Sol in autumn if you’re keen to luxuriate in the afterglow left over from the summer, but would prefer a rather more chilled-out scene.

Wondrous Winter

Although the winter months in the South of Spain are somewhat cooler than the rest of the year, and despite this time being described as “low season”, December through February represents the idyllic period for some holidaymakers to discover the Costa del Sol.

After all, when the seemingly interminable dark days and darker nights of a northern winter grow too hard to bear, who wouldn’t want to jet off to a place where the sun shines an average of 300 days a year and temperatures are almost certain to be warmer than what you’ve just left behind? For this reason, a holiday on the Costa del Sol during the so-called low season is considered by many to be a best-kept secret.

While not everything might be open, there is still an abundance of things to see and do on the Costa del Sol at this time of year. And, as a bonus, there will be very few, if any, queues to slow you down as you wander through picturesque Spanish villages, view exhibitions in a Malaga museum or marvel at exotic animals in their natural habitats at an immersive zoo.
For those who simply cannot stand another second of the cold and gloom, then undoubtedly this is the very best time to make your way to a CLC World resort on the Costa del Sol.

Only Good Choices

Clearly then, based on all the available evidence, there is no universally accepted “best” time to visit the Costa del Sol. Depending on your taste, your inclinations, your work schedule, your wallet and other factors specific to each individual situation, the season that best fits your needs and meets your desires might be very different from that which suits someone else. But, one thing holds true across the board – whatever your favourite time might be to explore the beauty of this region, your perfect place to stay on the Costa del Sol awaits at one of our CLC World holiday resorts near Malaga.

Each CLC World resort on the Costa del Sol boasts an impressive range of amenities. You’ll be able to relax in plush accommodation. Laze on loungers drawn up to the edge of shimmering pools. Enjoy first-rate nightly entertainment, fully equipped gyms, state-of-the-art spas and an incredible array of dining options. Plus, parents can rest easy in the knowledge that their children are well taken care of and having fun in our teen and kids’ clubs.