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With their wild volcanic landscapes, sandy beaches and nearly perpetual sun, the Canary Islands certainly tick all the boxes for those in search of a romance-filled getaway. Yet, which of these spectacular Spanish isles, located to the west of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean, deserves the title of best Canary Island for couples?

For many, the answer is clear and unequivocal – Tenerife.

Filled with hidden romantic spots to explore and majestic scenes of nature, Tenerife also offers charming restaurants to sample the local cuisine, bars set directly on the beach and a wealth of clubbing hotspots. Truly, this exotic island provides countless opportunities for couples to escape the rest of the world entirely and create memories that they’ll never forget.

Tenerife – A Couples’ Paradise

The largest of the Canaries, Tenerife boasts a varied and dramatic landscape that incorporates everything from lava formations and black-sand beaches kissed by turquoise seas to picturesque towns and a lively nightlife scene. There’s literally something to suit every taste and match every style on the island that has been christened “the land of a thousand experiences.”

For couples, the magic and wonders of Tenerife promise to ignite passion, increase intimacy and renew or deepen affection. Imagine clasping hands in awestruck silence, as your boat captain points out massive whales cavorting in the waves of the North Atlantic. Climb in each other’s footsteps up the massive peak of Mount Teide, and laugh together as you reach the top with its panoramic views of the island. Or, dance the night away in the many happening hotspots of Playa de las Americas.
Whatever your pleasure, whatever you long to share in each other’s company, you’re bound to find it in Tenerife.

Best Place in Tenerife for Couples

Once you’ve decided to head to this Canary Island to spend some precious quality time together, you’ll probably want to figure out what are the best resorts in Tenerife for couples. For a large percentage of those seeking the perfect Tenerife honeymoon or couples’ holiday, there can be no better choice than the resorts of CLC World.

Whether you select CLC World’s MontereyMonterey Royale or Monterey Royale Signature, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the sparkling ocean, sumptuous accommodation and first-rate amenities.

Laze on adjoining loungers, pulled up to the edge of the pool, as you both bask in the caress of the warm sun. Dine in the Sunset restaurant on delicious dishes prepared by the resort’s chefs. Enjoy the artistry of a fiery flamenco performance. Watch the sun set into the sea, from the expansive hilltop terrace, as you raise a glass to an unforgettable holiday.