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A holiday with your family is always great fun, all the sightseeing, days out and new experiences and memories created. However, sometimes you just want a chilled night in with the clan. And what better way to spend your evening than playing board games with each other for a good laugh?

We’ve compiled a list of the best board games around from the classics to the brand new, to keep you and your family entertained for hours.


Recently celebrating its 80th anniversary, Monopoly is one of the leading family board games around. Children and adults alike get their competitive nature going with this fast-dealing property trading game. Monopoly is suitable for all ages and is available in different themes such as; Junior, Gamer, Disney, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and many more.

Pie Face

One of 2016’s most popular games, Pie Face is a fast action game filled with fun and suspense for the whole family to enjoy. Simply put some whipped cream or a wet sponge on the ‘hand’ of the game and twist the handle with the hopes of not getting splattered. Fingers crossed you don’t get hit; the handle can go off at any time…

SmartGames Penguins Pool Party

Not necessarily a family game as you can also play alone, Penguins Pool Party contains up to sixty challenges where the player must work out how to fit the tiles of ice around the penguins arranged in a particular way. Play with the family and make it a race against time, but be careful, those penguins can be sneaky.


Get your word skills up to scratch with a fun game of Scrabble. Place your letter tiles on the board to create a word, the longer the word the higher the points. This game can be played with up to 4 players, and to really spice it up, why not try to make words from the language of the country you are visiting?

Speak Out

For a laugh-out-loud time with the family you must play Speak Out. This ridiculously funny game brings the family together as you read phrases to one another whilst wearing a mouthpiece. Guess what your partner is saying before the timer runs out or lose a point. You will be laughing for hours with this one of a kind game.


Do you want the family to get closer? Well Twister will help you do that… literally. Give the spinner a whirl and find out what colour you must place your hand or feet on. Right hand green? Is there a green close by? Is someone covering it? Will you be able to do it? If you fall over you’re out of the game, so be smart with your moves.


Each player is in suspicion of being a world-class jewel thief stealing precious gems during a masquerade party. Your mission is to unmask the real thief before they catch you! This game is perfect for families who enjoy mystery and competition.