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CLC World is blessed with a selection of stunning holiday resorts near Málaga where all the family, no matter the age, can relax and unwind, such as CLC Marina del Rey.

Away from the swimming pools at this stunning resort, you’ll be taken care of with a wealth of fun activities, including the entertainment squad at Team Marina, playground, sports and fitness facilities, live shows and plenty more!

To fully indulge in your summer holiday with babies and young children, there are a few essentials that we’d recommend bringing on your escape to the Costa del Sol sun. Here’s a handy checklist of what to pack to ensure all members of the family can fully experience everything on offer at our Málaga holiday resorts!


The Costa del Sol is famed for its 300+ days of sunshine, which means sunscreen is an absolute necessity. For sensitive baby skin, look for a dedicated sunscreen for children and make sure it is a minimum of 30+ SPF, 50+ if possible.


We know it’s no easy task to keep a hat on young children, but in the sunshine, it’s a necessity. Choose a hat with a wide brim that can tie up under the chin – usually a deterrent to all but the most determined toddlers!

Rash Vest

Short or long sleeve, the choice is yours, but these vests offer an extra layer of sun protection and are quick drying for those days spent jumping in and out of the water.

Swim Nappies

With 21 swimming pools, we can guarantee that much of your time on resort will be spent swimming. Our Málaga holiday resorts are the perfect place to familiarise your babies with the water. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of swim nappies handy to avoid any unwanted accidents in the pool!

Poncho Towel

Super practical and very cute, a poncho towel serves more than one purpose. Easy to throw on as soon as your little one jumps out of the water, it also keeps them warm as the afternoon starts to cool down.

Sun Tent

No shade on the beach? With a UV sun tent, every stretch of Costa del Sol sand is child-friendly and your children will have a space to play, rest and maybe even sleep in the shade. What’s more, this lightweight accessory easily pops up and folds away and is completely portable.


No holiday in the sun is complete without a selection of beach toys. A simple bucket and spade can capture young imaginations for hours – and may well bring out the inner child in all members of the family!

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to pack any of the baby essentials above. You’ll be able to get emergency supplies on our resorts!