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Located just to the west of Tenerife, sits the majestic island La Gomera. La Gomera is the perfect day out for families or couples as the island is close to the Tenerife with just one ferry ride away. To make the most out of your day trip, we would advise you to travel at an earlier time during the day.

Due to its steep mountains and cavernous ravines, La Gomera is actually classified as a volcanic island (don’t worry though; there are no active volcanoes to be found!).

Here are a few walking routes we recommend you cannot miss!

1. Sightseeing at Roque de Agando

Roque de Agando is one of La Gomera’s most striking locations and is often used as the symbol to represent the island. The summit is inaccessible by foot as climbing is banned. You may be able to hike on the Roque de Agando; however there have been restrictions on certain pathways.
The remains of sacrificial shrines have been located on the summit, and they are believed to have once belonged to the indigenous Guanche- the aboriginal Berber inhabitants of the Canary Islands. Unfortunately, the shrines only remained in good condition until the 1980s when they were looted by a German group making documentary films.

2. Parque natural de Majona

Parque natural de Majona is a park located in the north of La Gomera. The park is a beautiful landscape filled with ravines that have been carved by erosion and abrupt orography. Majority of the park is a forest which has harboured scientific interest as it has endangered species such as the Ceropegia dichotoma- a flowering plant, living within it. So why not become a scientist for the day and explore these incredible species!

3. Roque Cano

Roque Cano is a beautiful valley with a scenic view that will leave you in awe. For the adrenalin junkies among you, Roque Cano is known for its hiking and rock climbing opportunities. The valley is filled with vineries and is the perfect location to take amazing pictures.

4. La Merica

La Merica is a popular attraction among hikers as it reaches 855m high and offers scenic views with each turn. There are two routes on either side of the mountain, with the east route being the most popular. At the bottom of the mountain, covered in pine trees and shade, you will find the best spots to work out or relax.

5. Cañada De Jorge

Do you fancy standing above the clouds? Then Cañada De Jorge is the perfect walking route for you. Loved by hikers and families, this mountain has stunning views of forests and wildlife that you will be itching to post photos of on Instagram.

With many more walking routes such as Alto de Garajonay, Presa de Meriga, Roque Blanco, and El Curato Park, La Gomera is the perfect location for a fun, day out enjoying the wildlife.Astonishing walking routes of La Gomera