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Are you break-bound for the Costa del Sol over the half-term holiday and with young ones in tow? Then at the very least, you’ll be looking for events that’ll keep them engaged, diverted, occupied and sufficiently tired at the end of daylight hours to give you and your beloved a well-earned break! That is, before it all starts again in a few hours’ time of course…

If your ‘chiddlers’ are aged four to 11 and you’re heading for CLC World, then we have just the answer: the Mini Club offers an array of fabulous fun games and activities including sports, bouncy castle and the popular mini-cinema and mini-disco. Your children are in the charge of Team Marina’s special carers so no worries there and enrolling each child costs just €4 – and that includes the t-shirt!

If your teens want to do their own thing, then ‘Waves’ is our great Teen Space. There’s gaming with PS4s and even VR (virtual reality to the rest of us!). Super-fast Wifi ensures they can stay connected to chums on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and all the other platforms!

And if you’re thinking of off-resort activities, then here’s just a few we’ve come up with to help you out.

If you have the kind of teenager in tow that most of us have, they’re unlikely to be placated by the ruins of yet another Crusader fort…fab though they are.

When their idea of the outdoors is Grand Theft Auto on a sunny day, then Fuengirola has a petrol-fuelled option. You get the adrenaline and excitement, without the trail of destruction! Karting is great fun and very safe. In Fuengirola, Karting Experience (located on the roof of the Miramar Shopping Centre, on the Avenida de la Encarnación) provide four carts with three different engine sizes.

They even cater for five-year-olds if you want to find out if you’re nurturing the next Hamilton-style F1 protégé! By the way, there’s no age limit, so Mums and Dads can join in. And don’t forget to show your CLC Membership Card for a 15% discount.

If your kids fancy something a little more sedate, but still with added horsepower, then Finca La Alegría could be the answer. Horse-riding treks are on offer for all ages and there’s a bar and restaurant on-site as well. Check out CLC World’s Your Guide for the best times to use your card.

Finding fun ideas for all the family can sometimes be a little tricky, especially if there’s a bit of an age range. Well, if your youngest is at least eight, then a guided e-bike trek through the streets of Málaga could be just the answer.

You’ll be mounted on Ninebots (that’s an electric scooter, if you’re not sure) which means no pesky battles trying to get your balance.

And don’t forget the good old-fashioned pushbike. For those of you staying with CLC World, then either the California Beach or Club La Costa World Receptions will be happy to help you source your two-wheeled steeds.

In a nutshell, there’s no shortage of things to see and do, we promise. Good luck and have a lovely time!!