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Did you know that Greece is only a short hop away from CLC’s Kusadasi Golf and Spa resort in Turkey? It feels so close you can almost touch it!

An adventure to the Greek Island of Samos makes the perfect day trip on your holiday in Kusadasi, for families, couples and groups alike. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of an excursion to this petite and popular island destination.

How to get to Samos from CLC World Turkey

Getting to Samos from Kusadasi is straightforward, as it’s a popular day trip for visitors. It’s simply a case of heading down to the harbour and boarding the ferry which leaves at 9am, 7 days a week during the summer season. The voyage across to Samos takes approximately an hour and a half and is a great opportunity to enjoy views of the coastline from an ocean vantage point.

Depending on the day of the week, you’ll arrive in Samos at either Vathi – the capital – or Pythagorion Port, and remember that wherever you arrive is also your departure point for the return voyage back to Kusadasi at 6pm in the evening. This allows you plenty of time to explore the island and learn about its fascinating past.

History and culture

Samos is a beautiful Greek island with a rich cultural history. It was home to the ancient mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, who was born there in 570 BC and no trip to Samos would be complete without a visit to one of the archaeological museums which are full of fascinating artefacts from the history of the island along with spellbinding sculptures and ancient works of art.

Lovers of Greek mythology should also make sure to visit the Heraion of Samos – otherwise known as the temple of Hera which was constructed to worship the goddess who, according to the famous myth, was born and raised on the island.

Beaches and nature

Aside from the dazzling architecture and narrow, winding streets, Samos is lushly green and home to some fabulous scenic vineyards and must-visit beaches. Keen walkers will love the mountain hiking paths which lead the way to breathtaking views and secret waterfalls.

Tsamadou Beach near Vathi is a clear favourite amongst visitors to Samos as well as locals. It’s beautifully clean and perfect for swimming and has all the amenities you would need to spend the entire day on the pebbles, including showers and sun loungers. There are also some great restaurants and bars close by when you’re in need of refreshment.

Local cuisine

Samos is famous around the world for its delectable wine, especially Samos Vin Doux, a sweet white wine made from the Muscat grape. Wine connoisseurs can visit the Samos Wine Museum in Vathi, and foodies will love sampling the delicious, local cuisine from the island including freshly caught fish. With a delightfully rustic location in the island’s verdant interior, Orizontas restaurant is highly praised and is perfect for dining with a view.

Good to know

  • Have some Euros handy as this is the currency of Greece
  • Make sure to bring your passport and a copy of your Turkish visa if necessary
  • The boat crossing can be a little windy, so pack a jumper if you want to sit on deck
  • Car hire and taxis are the easiest way to explore the island in a day