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Solo travel is not for loners, far from it. In fact, as a solo traveller you’re more likely to make friends and interact with the locals.

As an avid solo traveller, I’d like to share 7 reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life.

Go on, step outside your comfort zone and explore the world!

Be in the moment

There are no distractions when you travel alone, you can really take note of the sights, smells, sounds and other people’s interactions.
Watching that wow! moment when others experience something wonderful is affirming.

Meet new people

Birds of a feather flock together, temporarily at least. Solo travellers are usually happy to exchange pleasantries and chat about where they’re going or have been.

On my way from Austria to Slovenia recently, I talked to loads of fellow travellers as we stood in the train’s corridor watching the scenery pass by, and everybody’s story was interesting and different.

Your self-confidence grows

It’s up to you to make arrangements and get involved with people around you. Staying in hostels is great for this as plans cooked up in the kitchen often include everyone in the room.

Leave your shyness at home and bravely step out into the world.

Be spontaneous

When there’s only you to please, changing plans at the last minute is less of an issue.

You have the flexibility to fit in with whatever’s going on or move on if you feel you’ve spent enough time in a place. Just book that bus ticket, pack your bag and head on to the next adventure.

Discover you

Travel is all about discovery; solo travel presents the opportunity for self-discovery, too.

You can reflect on your decisions, listen to your gut instinct and reason with your head. Discover what makes you, you.

A sense of achievement

When you’ve shuttled yourself from country to country by all modes of transport, made it to the cathedral roof despite the wobbly-leg-syndrome you get with heights, and sat alone in a restaurant yet managed to order the food you want in the local language, you will feel proud of yourself.

And rightly so.

It’s time to catch-up

Solo travel is a great time to indulge in the books and films you’ve been meaning to get around to.

You can allow yourself that ‘me-time’, especially when on a plane or overnight train. Write a journal or even letters to friends and family. Unwind and spoil yourself.