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Whether you’re on a spectacular holiday, or just want to show off your new look, taking a great picture for Instagram is a must these days.
But how can you make your photos look even better? With these simple tips, you can make your pictures look pro without all the expensive camera equipment.

    Natural lighting
    Nothing ruins a photo like bad lighting. Whenever you take a picture, try to stick to natural lighting as the quality of your photo will appear higher. So go outdoors in the morning or afternoon to take some great pics.

    Use the grid feature

    The grid feature is rarely used when posting a picture to Instagram, but you would be surprised how much it could improve your photos. For example, let’s say you take a picture of a scenic view such as a sunset, rather than simply posting it; apply the grid feature to align all the elements of the photo to find its central point.

    Make your point of interest clear
    People like to know what they are looking at, so make your point of interest clear. If you are posting a photo of your lunch, make sure your lunch is in direct view of the camera and not far off. Whether there is something or someone in the background, the attention should not be drawn to them.

    Take pictures of things with good colour and structure
    A great Instagram image has strong colours, shapes, and defined lines. No one wants a blurry image that you can’t make out (unless you’re intentionally going for that, of course). When taking a photo be sure that you are close enough for the photo to be clear and defined.

    Edit on or outside of Instagram
    Don’t be afraid to edit your pictures to increase their quality. Instagram has a range of different features for editing such as; increasing contrast, brightness, colour, and a range of filters to choose from. If Instagram is not enough for you then there are also many other apps that can be used to edit pictures, so look around for what suits you.

    Angles can make or break a photo so make sure you find the right one. Whether you’re taking a selfie or a picture of a park, the angle you take the photo at will make all the difference. For example, if you are taking a picture of food, the photo should be taken from a birds-eye view, and for a selfie the picture should be taken from a higher angle. Just experiment to find out what works best for you.

    Less is more
    Never overcrowd your photos, less is always more. Try to avoid including a lot of elements in one photo as it can look messy and disorganised. Focus on one or two things to keep your photos looking clean and sharp. When it comes to editing less is also more. Nothing looks as bad as a heavily edited photo. Whether you are increasing the contrast, or adding a filter, try to keep your photos looking as natural as possible (even if they aren’t).

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