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Holidays are a time to sit back and relax, spend time with family, and have some well-deserved ‘me-time’. So why not make your life easier with these travel apps aimed to provide quick and easily accessible information for all your travel needs.
From tourist locations, to travel services, here are the 6 best apps for your next holiday, available on both iOS and Android.


With a constantly growing list of countries, Citymapper is a great app aimed to help you utilise public transport. Not only does it connect you with travel services, it also tells you the fastest way to reach your destination. No more excess travel charge. The app also allows you to check subway and train times and subscribe to their specific lines. Best of all, Citymapper will alert you when to get off as you approach your destination. Perfect for when you are visiting a new country!


For those of you who enjoy organisation before a holiday, Packpoint is the perfect app. With the ability to make a checklist of everything you need, Packpoint will give you the weather forecast for the dates of your trip. The app also asks you what type of activities you plan to engage in on holiday, for example, a beach day, night out, or swimming, and then offers you a list of items you should consider travelling with to suit those activities. You will never need to stress over forgetting to pack something ever again!


Considering a restaurant or hotel? Unsure if an airline is up to scratch? TripAdvisor aims to solve all your queries with this easy to use app. With millions of reviews, photos, and videos, TripAdvisor will help you make a decision on what to choose. The app also comes with a ‘Near Me’ function which will locate highly reviewed places close to your location.


Going abroad to a country that does not speak your language can be quite daunting. Duolingo aims to change that by offering beginner level courses for multiple languages to help you learn phrases you are most likely to use abroad. The app is also great for those of you who are looking to brush up on a previously learned language, as it offers tests to move up levels and try tougher sections.


No one wants to think about how quickly they’re burning through their money when on holiday, right? Expensify aims to resolve all your money-related problems in one useful app. Simply create a report by inputting receipt details – either manually or using your camera to scan the receipt, and allow the app to record all of your spending. At the end of your trip you will be aware of everything you bought. No more wondering where all the money went!


Available in over 76 countries and 527 cities around the world, Uber is the fastest growing car travel service. Request a car any time of day directly with the app and it will locate the closest Uber driver to your location with an option of various vehicles and fare quotes. No cash is needed for this journey as you securely pay with a credit card or using your phone. Goodbye standing for a taxi, hello personal driver!