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Instagram Stories are getting a lot more creative and interactive — from AR filters and animations, to templates and Instagram Stories stickers, there are a lot of new features to experiment with.

CLC World are sharing 5 great Instagram Story hacks that will transform your stories.

1. Turn Your Live Photos into Boomerangs

Did you know you can turn your live photos into Boomerangs?

The live photo needs to be taken within the last 24 hours, but then you’ve got some cool animation going on there.

Here’s how to do it:

Simply open Instagram Stories, swipe up, and pick a live photo from your camera roll.

Once selected, press firmly on the screen for a few seconds until you see the word “Boomerang” appear briefly.

It’s that simple, you now have a Boomerang shot.

2. Align Your Text Left, Right, or Centred

A few font styles in Instagram Stories can’t be left- or right-aligned, which is a shame.

Usually, you can just tap the alignment button in the top left corner of the screen to change your text’s alignment. But if the button is missing your text will automatically appear centred.

There’s a way around it!

Type a message in Instagram Stories with a font that doesn’t have the alignment button.

Swipe a finger left or right on your text. This should change the text’s alignment.

3. Add a “Glow” Effect to Your Emojis

If you’ve ever wanted to make your emojis really stand out on Instagram Stories, you can give them a glow effect.

Open your stories, tap the screen to open the text tool, and select the Neon font.

Now when you add an emoji, it should have a slight glow behind it!

4. Create Cool Effects with the Eraser Tool

Use the drawing tool to draw zig-zag around a person or an object.

Then use the eraser tool to erase parts of the zig-zag to create a 3-D effect.

Just one of many ways that you can use the eraser tool to create a cool design effect on your Instagram Stories!

5. Pin Text, Stickers, Emojis, and GIFs to Your Instagram Stories

Did you know you can pin text, stickers, emojis, and GIFs into your videos and boomerangs — so they show up at the perfect moment?

Simply record your video then add a creative element like text, a sticker, emoji, or GIF.

Now tap and hold the element that you added.

Use the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the video to find where you want to pin your creative element.

Once you find the right location in your video, tap “Pin.”

Voila! You’re video story is now funky.

Don’t forget, if you’re creating social media stories about your CLC World experience, to #ShareWithUs and tag @clcworld.