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Summer is just around the corner with its hot days, warm evenings and cool drinks. It´s time to kickback and make the most of the daylight hours. Here are 17 fabulous things to do to enjoy the summer months and perhaps recapture some of those wonderful childhood memories.

1. “Pick Your Own” fruit and veg

Remember when you used to eat your body weight in strawberries as you wandered up and down a farmer´s field? One for the basket, four for me.

Look up your nearest organic PYO and head for the farm! What could be better than getting some exercise in the fresh air and collecting some healthy fruit that could be used to…

Make a fruity cocktail

You’ve been in the pool, you’ve topped up your tan and after all that hard work you’re a little thirsty. Quench your thirst with a chilled cocktail and if it’s got fruit in it, it has to be healthy, right?

Try our Blueberry and Strawberry Mojito recipe, guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed (and maybe wanting more!


  • 3 tablespoons fresh blueberries
  • 2 fresh strawberries, diced
  • 10-15 fresh mint leaves (a small handful), plus additional for garnish
  • 1/2 medium lime, juiced (about 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 50ml white rum
  • Club soda
  • Ice


Muddle the blueberries, strawberries, mint, lime juice, and sugar in the bottom of a tall serving glass until the sugar is dissolved and the berries are a bit mushy. Add the rum and stir to combine.
Fill the glass with ice, then top with club soda. Stir to combine, garnish with additional mint leaves and berries and enjoy!

3. Get adventurous

Adventure holidays are one of the key holiday trends, but gone are the days of ultra-hard adventure. It’s more action and experience than hard slog.

Get your flippers wet scuba-diving off the Canary Islands or in the warm Florida waters, enjoy a hike in the Alps during the warmer months or head off for a safari – whether that’s in Africa or the Highlands of Scotland.

4. Visit a film location

Follow in the footsteps of your film favourites with a tour of their locations. Potter fan? Then head to London, Scotland, Gloucester or Durham amongst others.

Feel the urge to re-enact Clint Eastwood in a Fistful of Dollars? Tabernas Desert and Cabo de Gato in Almeria, Spain is where you need to be.

5. Try the local food on holiday

A travel blogger once said, “You have to taste a culture to understand it”. Never a truer word said. So when you’re on holiday give the local food a try. From wonderful fresh fruits, seafood and sweet delicacies, the world is your oyster (or grapefruit, or bonbon!).

6. Laze in a hammock

You’ve had a hectic week but now the house is quiet, the sun has warmed the air and you have time to yourself. The hammock is calling. Rock gently back and forth and let time pass you by. Bliss.

7. Catch up on your reading

The TBR (to be read) pile by the side of your bed has grown to such immense proportions you could misplace a child behind it, and your Kindle is rapidly running out of storage. Remedy this sorry state of affairs with dedicated reading time. The long summer evenings are perfect for curling up with a book/e-reader and losing yourself in it before the sun goes down.

8. Enjoy the beach

Release your inner child and build a sandcastle, frolic in the waves or go rock-pooling. Or if being childish is just too energetic, simply lie back and bathe in the sun’s rays.

9. BBQ with friends

Pick up the phone, invite all your friends round, get the drinks in the cooler and light the BBQ. Nothing signals summer like a long evening with friends and the aroma of slightly overdone vegetable kebabs and sausages. Let the fun and laughter begin.

10. Go to a festival

Whether it’s donning wellies for music at Glastonbury or your reading glasses for the Hay Festival, there’s a whole host of fests just waiting for you.