CLC World resorts & Hotels

This isn't simply a place where you holiday...

this is where you love to be.



CLC World Resorts &Hotels don’t just offer you somewhere to go on holiday, they introduce you to your very own slice of heaven on earth. Boasting a superb selection of first-rate resorts, located in some of the globe’s most desired destinations, CLC World promises an escape from the ordinary and a taste of holiday perfection that you can reliably count on and call your own.

Experience the difference at CLC World Resorts &Hotels. On a CLC holiday, you can relax in splendour in accommodation that is second-to-none; explore some of the most sought-after and sun-soaked places on the planet; dine like royalty at a selection of fine eating and drinking establishments and experience service that is unparalleled and completely designed to make you feel at ease.

Imagine your ideal getaway, where you and your family can spend precious time together relaxing and unwinding. At CLC World we want to help bring your dreams of a perfect sun-kissed hideaway to life.




CLC World’s 31 stunning resorts are spread across six magnificent international locations –from Spain’s Costa del Sol to the Aegean coast of Turkey, and from the exotic Canary Island of Tenerife off the west coast of Africa to sunny Orlando, Florida in the USA. Every detail of CLC World Resorts &Hotels has been specifically constructed and maintained to anticipate and cater to your every need.

Our aim is to take excellent care of you. This intention lies at the heart of everything we do. At a CLC World resort, we want you to feel that this is more than just a holiday spot – it is where you belong.

“Have been enjoying this view for the last 25 years ♥ beautiful.”

Katherine Stone, via Facebook @clcworld



At CLC World Resorts & Hotels, we take your comfort very seriously and we want to indulge your desire for a luxurious lifestyle. That’s why the main goal of our dedicated award-winning Interior Designer, Beatriz Lario Slavenburg, is to create spacious, intuitive and organically state-of-the-art living spaces, characterised by understated luxury and impeccable attention to detail.

Plus, to ensure that no one will ever be left out and absolutely every holiday wish can come true, our accommodation is available in three tiers – standard, premier and signature. This way, everyone will be able to find their own idyllic haven – no matter your personal taste or the size of your budget.

“Just left San Diego Signature Collection Suites…
amazing hospitality and customer service…”

IIze Skadmane, via Facebook @clcworld



CLC World Resorts and Hotels’ highly trained team of chefs serve up fresh, authentic food in spectacular settings. Regardless of which resort you stay at, your taste buds will be tempted! Savour delectable taste sensations that have been concocted by our talented Executive Chef, Jimmy Staros. Choose from a wide choice of restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy expertly prepared and presented examples of local and international cuisines.

“We stayed here in May, the staff, food, accommodation,
surroundings were magnificent, 100% satisfaction!!”

Christopher Mc Gaughey, via Facebook @clcworld



We are committed to making sure that you’ll never feel like a tourist, because you’ll know, the minute you step across the threshold, that you’re coming back home. At CLC World, every one of our friendly, helpful staff is dedicated to giving you the warmest welcome, the most helpful service and an attitude that reassures you they know you and you know them. Our CLC World team members – from our skillful entertainers to our responsible and fun-loving kids’ club counsellors – are all trained to meet and exceed your every expectation.



If you want to have a holiday that gives you everything, all at your own pace, in your own way and in your own luxurious surroundings – then you might want to consider becoming a member of the CLC World Resorts &Hotels family of holiday homeowners who have claimed their very own corner of paradise.

This isn’t simply a place where you holiday…

this is where you own